Gramps character application.

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Gramps character application.

Post by Grandfather on Wed Aug 22, 2018 9:09 pm


Name: Lile Greevs (Though goes by Gramps.)
Biological Gender: Male
Appearance Age: 70
Race: Angle (Fallen)
Kingdom: The Delven Isles
Height: 7'6
Weight: 293 lbs
Hair Color: Silver Grey
Eye Color: Deep Blue
Marital Status: Single
General Appearance: Lile is a mountain of a man standing at 7'6 and nearly three hundred pounds of muscle all wrapped in tanned scarred skin. His grey hair is cropped short with sideburns connecting his hair to his well trimmed beard.
Strengths: A sharp mind and a strong body from his many years of adventuring. Long life, being a angel he has an incredibly long lifespan, even when on the mortal plain.
Weaknesses: Demonic weapons and his generosity.
Positive Traits: Generous, he would give a stranger the shirt off his back if they asked. He often tries to see the best in someone even if they come after him with ill intent.
Negative Traits: He gets incredibly grumpy when irritated, when this happens it's almost as if he's a different person.
Likes: Chocolate milk, Fishing, Sailing, Adventures, Helping the needy, The Outdoors,
Dislikes: Rude attitudes, Caves, Bitter foods, Spiders
Habits: Doesn't drink alcohol, instead he enjoys a glass of chocolate milk.
Goals: He just wants to help out as many people as he can.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.
General Personality: Lile has been around for a very long time and as such he's used his experiences to mold his personality. He's a generous man that does what he can for those around him, but that being said be is not a push over. He hates to be used by others and won't hesitate to stop what he's doing if he feels like he is being used.
Skills: Unarmed combat, Axe combat, Navigation, Cooking, Wild game cleaning, Linguistics ( He has learned how to speak the languages of other races in his travels)
Unique Traits: Battle scarred, Liles body is covered in various scars ranging from small cuts to large healed over gashes and bites. The most noticeable scar being the small X over his right eyebrow. He is also ambidextrous.
Bio: Lile fell from heavens grace two thousand years ago. He had been kicked out of heaven for a deed most would think impossible; murder. He had managed to kill another angel and even though the act was in self defense he had still committed a terrible sin, and as such he was cast out forced to live his life on the mortal plain. For centuries he adventured the lands posing as a human. In his adventures he learned about the many races that inhabited the lands, stopping wherever he could to learn useful tricks from them, even going as far as to pick up the languages wherever he went. Eventually his adventures led him to wars, he dispized fighting but still he joined in on various wars, killing men, orcs, elfs, whatever the enemy was. As the years went on he noticed the appearances of more and more demons in the world and was eventually called to fight in the great demon war for the gods and goddesses. After the great war he was rewarded for his efforts by being allowed to live with all the other holy creatures in The Delven Isles. Though he lives there now he still leaves often for years at a time to go on adventures with seemingly no real direction.
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