A little R&R after the war

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A little R&R after the war Empty A little R&R after the war

Post by Yethorian Dravinas on Tue Aug 21, 2018 4:31 pm

After months of recuperation and having to heal himself from a war that was one sided, Yeth let out a small sigh. He could remember every detail of the war and how his own allies turned tail and ran leaving him and his army to fend for themselves against the undead scourge in the Ashen Lands. He knew he had asked too much of his own people, but his allies, he didn't think they would do what they had done to him and he was done with it all. He walked to his bedroom window which overlooked the courtyard, he then leaned over and looked out his window and saw the statue of his younger, cockier self.

He then shook his head and began to let power flow around his hand as a strong wind formed he then unleashed it toward the statue. His emerald green eyes watched as the two high speed blades of wind clashed with the statue, cutting through the stone and into the ground on the other side. A smirk soon appeared on his face as he watched the statue fall into four separate pieces and hit the ground crumbling. His eyes then shifted as he examined the rest of the courtyard which as of late had lost its glory and beauty. He knew that he would have to get down there and take care of it himself sometime but today was not the day. He just wanted to relax some.

His eyes kept moving as he stared at the courtyard seeing all the overgrown shrubs and plants that weren't part of his courtyard and then shook his head and looked out past the courtyard to the rest of the land. A small smile grew upon his lips as he stared at his lands, a gentle breeze began to form and his silver-white hair moved with it. He looked at himself and then sighed some. "I am not ready to walk outside of the castle dressed like this." He stated looking at the tattered rags he was in and then began to walk to his armoire and looked for another outfit. Soon he had found one and pulled out the shirt and pants to go with it. The shirt was a white pullover, usually worn under chain mail, but he had no need for chain mail. He then pulled on his black pants and then walked to his bed and pulled on his boots and tightened them up. He then looked at himself and smiled some. "Now I look like a peasant hopefully, enough to be left alone and enjoy my day not being a king." He said as he began to walk outside toward the courtyard since he'd have to pass through there to leave the castle anyways.
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