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Post by Yethorian Dravinas on Thu Aug 16, 2018 8:14 pm

The Dark Knights were a group of knights that were given their power by a "god" that sought what he considered justice. For years the Dark Knights protected innocent people and would help out as well in towns and villages. The group was small it was a group of 4, they were chosen by this "god" and their power by an item called the heart of the Dark Knight. Eventually with time the "Heart of the Dark Knight" was controlled by the "god" and he began to grow a blood lust and as he began to lust for blood so did the Dark Knights, minus one for some reason his will was stronger than those of his comrades. As his comrades slew innocent people he couldn't understand why and tried to stop it and save the innocents but wasn't able to not against the others. He then slew each of his brothers in arms and could feel the hatred flowing from the heart into him and he didn't like it. He then decided to kill their "god" and when he did so he kept the beings head and took the heart to a friend of his for safe keeping. This knight then threw down his armor and threw the name of the Dark Knight away, but he would be marked as one forever especially due to the power of the heart, he also lives in exile to repent for what his comrades had done. None really know where this knight lives other than one man but that man will keep that secret till the death of the knight.

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