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Post by Yethorian Dravinas on Thu Aug 16, 2018 8:03 pm

Dragoons are well known for being dragon tamers and riders as well, but they were not always known as such. Before they were ever considered dragoons they were beast masters, able to talk with and command most beasts. As they grew and tamed stronger beasts they eventually began to tire of doing this, no matter what beast it was it wasn't enough anymore, until one day a group of a few beast masters decided to try and tame one of the most impossible beasts ever, a Dragon. Like most beast masters this group knew that no dragon had ever been tamed or attempted to be tamed due to the dragons will. The small group of beast masters began to try to tame the smallest of dragons first which was a wyvern, once each member in the group was able to do so they moved forward with stronger and larger dragons slowly moving to the largest dragons. Once that was done the beast masters used the wyverns they had tamed as battle companions and the dragons were their mounts. Fortunately for the beast masters when they did tame the dragons the dragon gave them half of their heart, this became the ritual for a dragoon getting his power to jump higher and land without being hurt and also using the element of his or her dragon companion. Before the ritual a pact would be made though binding the dragon and beast master, the dragons then called these beast masters Dragoons and the heart of the dragon caused a mark to appear after the ritual to symbolize that the person was a Dragoon.

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