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Name: Yuruah Sabriel
Biological Gender: Female
Appearance Age: ~19-25
Race: Demon
Kingdom: Dravinas
Height: ~5'4, curvaceous build
Weight: Some normal amount of kilograms for a person of that height? Like, 58kg-ish?
Hair Color: Ebony; not quite black but not quite brown either.
Eye Color: Tawny-yellow
Marital Status: Single

Demonic Apperance: Ram-like, forward-curving horns. Long tail ending with a tuft concealing a poisonous barb. Abnormal eyes.
General Appearance: Yuruah has skin the colour of old parchment and almond-shaped, innocent-looking tawny eyes. Her hair is wavy and thick, reaching to mid-back and usually kept out of her face with some sort of pin or another. She has a graceless, unsteady sort of gait, as though perennially off-balance; this comes from years of struggling to pass as human and adjust the way she walked so as not to make it obvious she had a tail. She lacks wings completely for an unknown reason.

Strengths: Yuruah is surprisingly resourceful, insanely resilient and very prudent; if she's decided something, it's probably a good idea. Lacking many of the inborn traits that demons rely on to succeed, she's had to come up with alternatives for a good many things, and also to learn to communicate tactfully. She might not be as fast, strong or stable as others, but she's smarter and more charismatic if she puts her mind to it, able to lie effortlessly and negotiate social situations better than others. It's also relatively easy for her to hide her nature or pass for someone else.
Weaknesses: Yuruah can neither fly nor run long distances at all, and when confronted directly is likely to break down if there's no escape, but she can sense or suggest desires, a skill of most demons. Physically she's very weak, often needing assistance with jars and the like, though she can carry mildly impressive loads for her stature on her back.

Positive Traits: Yuruah is clever, witty and sweet as her natural self, and most people's first impression is also that she's very industrious. The more correct term is "determined and principled"; if she's sworn she'll do something, she will. She has a love of order and will usually attempt to ensure it anywhere she goes. She's also skilled at navigating and managing other people's emotions.
Negative Traits: Yuruah is very comfortable with herself and forgives herself for mistakes she sees as trivial, even if others think she should be beside herself with shame, creating a perception of irresponsibility. If she doesn't see something or someone as genuinely important, then no matter what she's told them she'll do, even if she's verbally promised (albeit not sworn), she'll forget about it. Her empathy is also very selective, and rather than continuing to care for someone who consistently hurts or annoys her, she's more likely to cut her losses and leave; this sort of emotional pragmatism is unlikeable and seen as inconstant. She also has no qualms with lying if she thinks it's better for someone not to know something.

Likes: Cooking, alchemy, knitting, weaving, successes, spicy foods, sweets, music and dance, control, knowledge
Dislikes: Cleaning, ungratefulness, indecency, inconstancy in agreements, disagreements, combat, very salty or bland food, pedantry, elitism, blood, failure
Habits: Yuruah bites her nails and, if strongly irritated, will turn one corner of her mouth downward.
Goals: To secure a position of comfort and affluence; to marry someone compatible with her; to become religious in something
Sexual Orientation: questioning; she experiences attraction very selectively, typically to people who align with her principles and desires for herself. Once attracted, she might pine for a long time or get over it quickly.
General Personality: sweet potato of questionable morality
Demonic Power: "Uhhh I can lick my elbow?"
Speaks to monsters, ghosts and whatever animals will answer. Can call on supernatural beings for help. Can locate wealth magically. Has a power of suggestion; almost anything is magically possible for her, but it runs not on innate power so much as on coaxing the target into an action. It is relatively easy to convince firewood to burn or the mind to forget, but much more difficult to convince someone to die on the spot.
Skills: Cooking, alchemy (including poisonmaking), a glancing understanding of anatomy, broad general knowledge (enables lying and social passing), specific knowledge of demonic religious law.
Unique Traits: Wingless. Has a small scar in the corner of her lower lip from when she tried to eat a knife as a child.
Bio: Yuruah grew up as part of a nomadic culture of demons who, long ago, were expelled from their home by an unspecified force. At this point nobody wants them anywhere, whether back in the demons' world or in this one. Her mother told her it was important to be able to pass for human in order to receive human social benefits (like education, for instance), and that was how Yuruah ended up with an alchemist's diploma and a permanently awkward way of walking. Unfortunately, like any other field, potionmaking was very congested in the town she graduated in, so she ended up in service to a human noble family. There not being anything she could do, she took to it and tried to make the best of her situation. Having been discharged after they ceased to need her, she took adjusting back to a spartan lifestyle quite badly and, pending further indentured servitude employment, consoled herself by mooching off of various good Samaritans.
Among these was a mixed-race member of a culture in a similar position to her own, who served as an awkward romantic/religious awakening before being drafted and summarily killed in a border conflict.
She mourned, also awkwardly, and is now pretending very successfully not to be homeless and merely to be in need of a place to stay while her home is cleaned.
(Unspoken context: indefinitely.)
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