The 1st godless crusade.

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The 1st godless crusade.

Post by AusarLightsHerald on Sat Sep 30, 2017 10:43 am

The air was filled with a thick fog, the moonlight barely penetrating, cascading an eerie yellow light on the swampy waters. The silence was broken a a gauntleted hand, rusted and muddy rose from the shallow water and dug its fingers into the soft earth. Slowly but surely an armoured figure dragged it'self out of the murk, gurgling and coughing up filth as it made it's way onto the shore. The undead knight raised its visor to stare into the night with hollowed eyes, taking in the new reality with which it had been presented, before with a moan it began to rise. Before it could stand however a blade cloaked in white flame burst through it's chest, the holy powers within turning the lifeless wretch into ash within it's armour.

He removed his blade, sheathing it he stood atom the chest plate of his fallen adversary to elevate himself if but a little higher he removed his helm, pumped out his chest and called out to the stars "So it begins! My crusade of repentance, a final cry forgiveness and a shot at revenge. I fight for my house, the gods and most importantly..." He took a moment to take in a deep breath, raising his arms to the sky. "...RELIGION!!!"


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Re: The 1st godless crusade.

Post by Yethorian Dravinas on Sat Dec 09, 2017 6:21 pm

Yethorian flew down after hearing the bellowing of the paladin. His wings then folded around his body as if they were a cape. His silver-white hair fell down his back as he looked toward his friend with his emerald green eyes he shook his head. "Again with the religion.." He stated seemingly bored with it. His wrapped right arm raised from under his wings and he pointed to a moving corpse. "Missed one Sir Paladin." He stated simply.

He looked around the mire and then spit into the waters or so he thought they may have been due to the fog that stayed on the ground of the mire. As he turned to look around a large sword was able to be seen against his back. His wings then receded into his body showing him only wearing plain clothes unlike the paladin. He then looked at the other man and sighed. "So what is so important I am out here in the mire with the undead around me..?"
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