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Post by Yethorian Dravinas on Thu Aug 31, 2017 10:24 am

As I have said before Sigil Knights have the ability to use the weapons of the sigils. Each sigil has a different weapon with a different name and element to it, just as the sigil knights. These weapons are summoned through the power of will and the sigil uses that to manifest the weapons whenever the knight wills it.

First is the knight of Fire, their weapon is a massive greatsword that they call Ragnarok, no not the actual sword that Yethorian has in his huge arsenal of weapons but close enough. This weapon is highly destructive when used right which is why it was given the name through the ages.
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The Knight of Water has, you guessed it a Trident. This weapon has been one used by many water type creatures and humans. The weapons name is Posiden's Fury, yes named after the greek god due to his power over water. This weapon can control waters as well if used correctly.
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The Knight of Earth uses a Giant mace, a two handed weapon probably twice the weight of a greatsword yet they swing it around effortlessly. They call this mace Titan's Bane because they believe it to have killed the giant earth god whence he lived. The mace just like the other weapons has the power to control its element if used correctly.
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The Knight of Wind uses a bow which they call the Zephyr Bow. The Zephyr bow is a bow that can cut through the wind like butter but also use it to shift its course if the Knight is skilled enough in their power and usage of the bow.
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The Knight of Light uses the famed sword and shield. The swords name is Aegis and the shield is named after the sigils last owner who died in battle Sphinx. These weapons can use the power of light to their advantage but most of the knights have never had to do that.
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Finally the Knight of Darkness, uses a weapon known only to those as a switch scythe, it goes from being a scythe to sword. The name of these weapons is the Void Scythe and Void Sword. The weapon is named so due to the fact it can open a whole only known as a Void.
Sigil Knight Weapons Lord-of-decay-scythes This would be how it looks other than color scheme.
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