Ranks for Emsydell

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Ranks for Emsydell Empty Ranks for Emsydell

Post by Yethorian Dravinas on Sun Aug 20, 2017 4:17 pm

The ranking system for the high elves is just as it is for the humans other than for a few changes the elves made to have a bit of a different approach to the whole ordeal.

1. Private
2. Private First Class
3. Corporal
4. Sergeant
5. Sergeant First Class
6. Master Sergeant
7. Sergeant Major
8. Command Sergeant Major

1. Lieutenant
2. Captain
3. Major
4. Lt. Colonel
5. Colonel
6. Grand Knight (brig. Gen)
7. Knight Commander (Lt. Gen)
8. Lord Marshal (Maj. Gen.)
9. Lord Commander (General)
10. King/Queen
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