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Character App

Post by Dark Dravinas on Mon Jun 24, 2013 6:56 am

Just copy and paste in the Characters Section add to it if you like for your character.

Name: What is your character's full name?
Biological Gender: What is their biological gender?
Appearance Age: How old does your character look?
Race: What he/she is per se human, elf, halfling, etc.
Kingdom: Which of the kingdoms the character resides/is sided with?
Height: What is the height of your character?
Weight: What do they weight?
Hair Color: Describe their hair color.
Eye Color: Describe their eye color.
Marital Status: If you are single or married, divorced or widowed, etc
Demonic Apperance: Describe your characters horns, as well as any other changes to their physical appearance from a normal human. Did they gain a tail, claws, cloven feet, or small wings? (If demon)
General Appearance: This is where you describe your character as a whole. Describe everything above, and paint a clear image of your character using your words and detail.
Strengths: What they are good at or what makes them so tough.
Weaknesses: What harms them or what they suck at.
Positive Traits: These are things that make people like your character, such as being heroic or a humanitarian.
Negative Traits: These are the opposite of the above; things that make other dislike or annoyed by your character. Everybody has some trait or habit that somebody, or more often, a lot of people, dislike.
Likes: What things does your character like? These can range from foods, to places, to just about anything at all.
Dislikes: Once again, the opposite of the above. They can be just as varied.
Habits: Does your character have any personal habits? Maybe a speech impediment or a nervous twitch, or perhaps they're very religious or say a special mantra or phrase often.
Goals: What dreams or goals does your character have? These can be short or long term, pertaining to their home.
Sexual Orientation: This one should be pretty self explanatory. Maybe your character is hetero, or bisexual, or something different all together?
General Personality: Describe your character's personality to the best of your ability. Remember to mention anything above and how it influences them.
Demonic Power: Demons all have a singular or multiple power(s) granted to them during life. For many, this will be the ability to use a specific type of magick or multiple magicks, but will first need instruction and training to use it. Some, however, gain  different abilities, such as summoning a familiar, speaking to monsters, or immunity to fire, to name a few. (Again if Demon)
Skills: Anything your character does specifically well such as making armour, swords, or even using specific weapon types.
Unique Traits: This is something unique to your character, such as maybe an allergy, a phobia or scars, tattoos and the like. Maybe you're left handed?
Bio: What they have done in their life and how they were raised up till now (current age).
Pic: (if you want)

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Re: Character App

Post by Dark Dravinas on Mon Aug 14, 2017 9:24 pm

There are some new additions to the profile section which will be your attributes.

These attributes are Strength, Weapon skill, ballistic skill, Charisma/fellowship, Dexterity/speed, and Perception

Strength is a measure of how physically strong a character is. Strength often controls the maximum weight the character can carry, melee attack and/or damage, and sometimes hit points.

Weapon Skill is how good you are with said melee weapon and how easy it is for you to use a melee weapon.

Ballistic Skill is how good you are with a projectile weapon such as crossbows and throwing weapons.

Willpower is a measure of the character's mental resistance (against pain, fear etc.) when falling victim to mind-altering magic, torture, or insanity. This is also to know how well you can use psionic abilities.

Charisma/fellowship is a measure of a character's social skills, and sometimes their physical appearance. Charisma generally influences prices while trading and NPC reactions. Under certain circumstances, this skill can negate combat actions between players and NPC enemies. It also allows you to know how good you are at making friends with other characters.

Perception is a measure of a character's openness to their surroundings. Perception controls the chance to detect vital clues, traps or hiding enemies, and might influence combat sequence or the accuracy of ranged attacks. Perception-type attributes are more common in more modern games. Note that this skill is usually understood only to apply to what a character can perceive with their established senses (i.e. sight, sound, smell, etc), and does not usually include extrasensory perception or other forms of mental telepathy or telekinesis in the given game unless the character's specific attributes expressly include such abilities (such as the force in Star Wars). Sometimes combined with wisdom.
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