Ausar the exalted undead

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Ausar the exalted undead

Post by AusarLightsHerald on Thu Jan 05, 2017 11:35 am

Name: Ausar Solaris
Biological Gender: Male
Appearance Age: A man in his early 20's with a muscular build. Caucasian.
Race: Undead Human
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 13st
Hair Color: Bright, golden blond
Eye Color: Light blue
Marital Status: Unmarried and single
General Appearance: Ausar is a proud man and holds himself in such a way. His appearance is pure, very little is done by himself to improve his aesthetics, though considered handsome he is by no means a heartthrob. He has the physique of a warrior though his body is seldom seen, usually covered by his plate armour, adorned with holy sigils and artefacts.  
Strengths: Due to a potent mixture of undeath and idiocy induced stubbornness Ausar if incredibly tough to put down for long. His skill with a blade is almost without peer though his tendency to get caught in monologues means he spends most of a fight regaling tales of his previous triumphs.
Weaknesses: A pious man, Ausar will not commit any actions against his code of religion and chivalry. Just as his holy powers terrify and harm creatures of darkness greatly he is similarly affected by greater unholy forces.
Positive Traits: As a paladin Ausar is seen as a figure of heroism and righteousness. He is trusted because of this, both as a warrior and a friend.
Negative Traits: By the gods is this man annoying! His constant spouting about his gods and hymns are enough to drive anyone insane. He is considered a zealot and a lunatic to those opposed to his beliefs
Likes: Religion. Singing. Rooting out heresy. Cake, all varieties that don't include weird friuts, jams are acceptable.
Dislikes: Heresy. Unholy beings. Weird fruits
Habits: Very religious. Often sings a hymn before battle, or during special occasions. Has a tendency to be very loud when excited.
Goals: Ausar seeks to destroy the Lich that cursed him with undeath and regain his favour in the eyes of his gods. In the meantime he content fighting alongside and providing spiritual care for his new friends in the army.
Sexual Orientation: Hetrosexual
General Personality: Exceedingly eccentric, very loud and an extravert. When he isn't exited by the prospect of sharing in an adventure he will be excited about the prospect of worshipping the gods.
Skills: A master of all martial weapons though he prefers the sword and shield. Capable of channelling divine powers for a variety of feats ranging from healing, buffing items or releasing torrents of divine lightning.
Bio:  There was once a proud paladin, a warrior of purity and light who served  the great and noble house of Baleren faithfully. This paladin was Ausar, a shining example of what a knight should aspire to be.

One fatefull day the lands owned by the Baleren family were ravaged by a powerful Lich, spreading undeath wherever his armies roamed. After a long and bloody campaign Ausar finally came face to face with the undead lord. Their battle was long and fierce but the paladin did finally triumph, the Lich's scourn did not end with his death however. He cursed Ausar to a life of twilight, not true undeath but definelty not alive.

He returned to his masters with his new curse and was instantly banished from the hold, labled a monster. The gods he had championed for his whole life turned on him, limiting his tremendous holy powers and leaving him to his cursed immortailty in the barren wilds.


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