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Jacques Cartier

Post by Jacques Cartier on Fri Dec 30, 2016 8:11 pm

Name: Jacques Cartier / Jack Carter/ Black Jack
Biological Gender: Male
Appearance Age: 25
Race: Daemon
Height: 6'
Weight: 160 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Gold
Marital Status: Single
Demonic Apperance:

In his demonic transformation state, Jack's most noticeable difference is the large black bat like wings that protrude from his back. One could also notice a change in his eyes, while they have always been an odd gold color, in this form they glow brightly. As well as the elongated state of his fingernails, used to control a substance he simply calls 'smoke' which clearly isn't.

General Appearance: Jacques, or Jack as he prefers to be called is quite an interesting specimen of a man. Not too tall, standing at six feet evenly, he doesn't possess much weight either. Only weighing about a hundred and sixty pounds or so, sculpted out of lean and hard muscle like most fighters. He has brown colored skin, the shade of a light chocolate and long wiry dreadlocks down his back as dark as charcoal. He has often claimed he's never had a haircut and plans not to. On top of this, he has a pair of hazel eyes that appear golden almost always. Giving him what some claim as a 'feral', or 'intimidating' look. This despite his apathetic nature and preference of leisure to other things.

In terms of dress, Jack is always wearing new, finely crafted garments. He refuses to wear boots that are damaged or even shirts without a matching vest or coat of some sort. Although he is quite a 'ruffian', he dresses a lot like a noble aristocrat.


STEALTHJack is an expert in subtly, often preferring to deal with enemies quietly with as few blows and exertion as possible. He can also use many tools including flammable oils and even explosives and traps. Jack isis capable of amazing athletic feats ranging from simple parkour or free running techniques (although they drain him) to laying silent in a package for days without moving or nourishment to successfully assassinate a mark. He is also capable of detecting small subtle changes himself, able to evade and anticipate blows and in some instances do more supplementary things like reading lips and counting money as soon as someone removes it from their pocket.


SMOKE His biggest weakness besides being able to withstand many blows, is his weak sense of cardio health. Due to his use and fascination with 'the smoke', and his habit of smoking huge cigars himself. He often is seen coughing or running slower than others, even gasping for air after sprinting distances others barely wince at.

GLASS CANON While he is capable of disorienting a crowd of enemies, allowing others to deal devastating blows. Even being able to deliver precise blows himself, he is still a very 'frail' individual so to speak. While not being weak to most, he still is incapable of withstanding the kind of damage those of similar races and background usually would. Being the type to try and avoid and counter hits in fights, for this reason exactly. Also not possessing much physical brute strength, preferring to be fast and precise and use surprise to ambush his enemies.

Positive Traits: Jacques can always be said to 'dress nicely', and have great manners when speaking to the elderly, especially women. He is a professional when it comes to his job, never having missed a mark. Most of the time there's not even a trace of his involvement.

Negative Traits: Jack is a lying manipulative person. The type to use others for his own advantage, lying about the difficulty of assignments just to force people along and then giving them a shrug when they actually realize. He's also the type to try and do the least amount of work for the most money.

Likes: Gold,Fine dining (Spicy Food), Leisurely Activities, Expensive Clothing, Rare Herbs, and Old Books

Dislikes: Pork, The Religiously Zealous, Obnoxious Individuals, Cold Weather, and most importantly effort.

Habits: Jack is a chain smoker with a foul mouth. Constantly spewing foul language and smoking cigars, yet his efficiency and usefulness seem to be enough to keep him and his annoying antics around.

Goals: Jacques is currently an most often concerned with MONEY. When he's not focused on a way to come across as large sum of gold and other valuables, he's enjoying leisurely activities. It's safe to say his main goal is to be a SLOTH.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

General Personality: Although Jacques face is usually painted with a scowl, and less often a smirk. He is not to be taken lightly, Jacques is a very devious and dangerous person. He is very rude when it comes to addressing others and constantly flaunts his money in the faces of others. Whether it be int he form of his expensive clothes, or by buying things people struggle to afford. He is however, kind to the elderly and children, and chooses to speak more with expression than his own words.Jacques is a very educated and gifted strategist. Commanding small teams has been his god given ability since the earliest of his years. He is also manipulative and prone to lying and using others to obtain his goals. Most of his acts are selfish and he has very many of the characteristics of a loner. He doesn't trust anyone, and will likely not be found without weapons on him at the ready, believing he has to defend himself at all times.

When he isn't on some sort of business venture, or in combat. He is usually reading books or smoking while enjoying leisurely activities. Things like enjoying hot baths, wearing fancy clothes and eating foods described as delicacies are some of this favorite things. Most people can't stand being around him too long unless it's for something business related or if their life or well being depends on it, this due to the amount of rude retorts and obscenities he spews forth from his mouth. Although he is hard on most humans, he is very much intimidated by things occult or magical in nature. Above all these things he shows both high distrust and disapproval of the government. Likely due to the events of his childhood which shaped him into his current self.

Demonic Power:

SMOKEIn his demonic form using a substance he calls 'smoke' to aid him in this. While it is clearly not smoke, he can create and manipulate thick dark clouds of smog. Ones so dark that an individual couldn't see their hand in front of their face. This same substance that he uses to disorient his enemies can also be used to  hide him completely for a short moment. So long as he remains stationary, operating similar to an invisibility cloak of sorts.

DEMONIC TRANSFORMATION In his demonic transformation state, Jacques gains flight as well as his ability over 'the smoke'. He also gains heightened physical abilities to a point that he moves so fast most mortals couldn't track him when exerting power. Likely being if they did manage to see him he'd slay them anyway.

Skills: Hand to Hand Combat, Sneaking, Tracking, Evasion.

Unique Traits:
-Claims to have never had a haircut
-Wears Crucifixes

Bio: Jacques was born the child of a pair of indentured servants. Due to the terrible economy they were laborers, and had barely any time to spend with raising their child. He was usually on his mom's back while she tended to the scarce crops and the frail livestock they cared for. He spent his childhood sleeping on the floor of tents and other smull hut like homes, yet he was cheerful and appreciative of receiving a single sweet roll for his birthdays.Eventually, Jacques grew to the age of being able to help his parents. Carrying jugs of water, helping them pull the roots from plants or even caring for animals. He had became quite useful, and his parents were near the end of their debt when they were killed by a winged beast. A large black figure with milky white eyes that swooped from the skies. A single swipe of it's claws nearly decapitated his father, and snatching his mother with hit's powerful jaws and leaping into the sky leaving young Jacques to fend for himself at the mere age of seven.

Confused, and overwhelmed with anger he ran from their small desert hut into the inner city. Where he consorted with another group of orphans, young, and small just like himself. They traveled in a flock like buzzards and had a terrible reputation with the locals. They would steal from vendors, squat in abandoned or empty buildings, and even fight with other groups of children. Children old and young followed behind Jacques. Due to the difficulty of his name, he usually introduced himself as 'Jack'. Their life was one of maintaining and surviving. They encountered sickness, some of them dying. They experienced undernourishment and dehydration so frequently they had gotten used to it. Yet, as children they were happy to have each other and made light of these situations.

This was all until Jacques, ran into a 'stranger'. He appeared Dwarven, small in stature but sturdily built. Jacques made the mistake of trying to pickpocket him, and received what he still refers to as one of the worst beatings of his life. Out of pity the man looked in his face, one hand holding Jacques by the rags he wore as clothes in the air, the other stroking his thick fire red beard. Jacques, after explaining his situation, with the most minor of details. Was taken in by the man, who claimed to be a blacksmith from a distant land. He told Jacques how he was here to teach the people to defend themselves even if they weren't warriors or traditionally strong enough to do so. He brought with him schematics for inventions, ones which Jacques was to help him with.

By the time he was fourteen, Jacques was no longer the snot nose dirty kid who ran around stealing. He dressed as a 'gentleman', the way his guardian had taught him to. He had taught him how to use an invention, a rifle. A weapon that would blast projectiles at greater velocity than arrows or bolts. One that they would use to defeat monsters as they attempted to harm people of their village. Yet, he told Jacques, he had worked off his punishment and turned his back chuckling. He threw the teenager a cigar and left the village to never be seen again. Jacques had learned to make ammunition for the weapons and taught himself to become proficient.

By the time he was nineteen, Jacques traveled with a group of people who called themselves, "Hunters". They would track dangerous beasts in their area, and others. With him leading them, they would take on odd jobs request and receive payment. They acted as mercenaries who specialized in the destruction of monsters and like creatures. With time of course, the group disbanded, others traveling to different places in search of better opportunities. Jacques had returned to the desert village, his rifle on his back and his pair of handguns at the ready. Although he was able to accumulate wealth over his years of 'hunting', he found that he wasn't yet satisfied.

He began to travel himself. The whole way staring into a thick book he received from his mentor about he types of monsters in the world he encountered. This became part of his motivation, the find the monster that took his mother and father away from him, and to find employment in destroying them. Years later, being twenty-three years old, he has had no success in finding the infamous black winged monster, but he had nearly made a fortune in the deaths of others and protecting those who couldn't themselves.

Finally reaching 25, Jacques, after studying and traveling different lands came to the conclusion. He himself was the black monster that slaughtered his 'parents'. Upon realizing his demonic transformation fully. After this, he traveled, becoming nomadic. In this time he roamed killing more than monsters in his quest for survival. Struggling with his Daemon energy. Eventually he was taken in by others like himself. He now operates in a Hunters guild under a man name 'Dark'. His expertise and own demonic blood making him a prime candidate for the group.

Jacques Cartier

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