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Kohanae Blackbriar

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Name: Kohanae Blackbriar
Biological Gender: Female
Date of Birth: October 13th
Appearance Age: 23
Race: Human
Height: 5’ 2”
Weight: 104 lbs
Hair Color: Deep Crimson.
Eye Color: Emerald Green
Marital Status: Single
Demonic Appearance: None
General Appearance: Kohanae has long, wavy crimson hair that falls down to just above her derrière and curls at the tips. Her eyes are a deep green- mimicking emeralds in glowing light. She has a small beauty mark under her right eye. Her skin is pale, often burning red in direct sunlight exposure after long periods of time. She is short, petite for her age. Her lips are naturally red.
Strengths: Kohanae’s biggest strength is her loyalty and will to live. When it comes to alchemy, she will work all night- sometimes not sleeping for days as she cares for patients.
Weaknesses: Stubbornness and pride are her greatest weaknesses. She also has a habit of getting anxiety when a masculine figure reminds her of her father.
Positive Traits: Kohanae’s bedside care is almost motherly- a trait passed from her mother to herself. She is kind, yet stern.
Negative Traits: Her own pride is often a source of scorn towards her. Many women find her displeasing because of the attention she gets.
Likes: Any and all flowers, nature, and life. Cooking is also a great passion of hers.
Dislikes: Being called “beautiful” and forceful people. She hates dogs. She finds a great distaste for sweet potatoes.
Habits: Kohanae has the terrible habit of laughing in terrible situations and smiling despite sad/terrible situations. At the same time, she also finds the beauty in death, even if it depresses her
Goals: To reach the highest level of healing in the entire world is her one true goal.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
General Personality:  
Demonic Power: None.
Skills: Kohanae is keen with a bow and arrow. While she is not an elite archer, she has a very decent shot. She developed her healing magick under the care of Aidou, a fellow alchemist. Kohanae is extremely swift-footed, developed early as a child.
Unique Traits: Under Kohanae’s clothing is a serious of scars and burn scars received from her father. Kohanae looks like the spitting image of her mother, Annette, a former wealthy socialite.
It was a cloudless night, when she was born. The moon had a melancholy look to it, its pale light shining downwards upon the small town of Tyme. Most of the town was silent, its few residents sleeping peacefully under the midnight sky. However, in one part of town, there was no silence. A child was to be born, a child with a terrible and twisted fate. The baby's mother welcomed the arrival of her newborn alone, save the presence of the midwife. Annette was caught between anger and appreciation for new life as she held her child, almost cursing the babe's father for not being there. His addiction to gambling had cost them nearly everything they'd worked for, and now it was costing him the chance to see their daughter. She swore under her breath, the moon gently illuminating the baby's face. As Annette looked upon her child, she was slowly filled with love. Her lips pressed tenderly to the girl's forehead as she murmured. “Welcome to the family, Kohanae...”

Time passed, and Kohanae grew into a wonderful sort of child. Her emerald eyes grew in clarity, her mind capable of comprehending things no other child her age could. However, she was six when she first detected it, that hatred that boiled in her father's veins. She seldom saw him, but whenever she did, there was always pain. His addictions drove him over the edge; he'd come home drunk, and broke. He would stare at her with his hazy eyes, swearing loudly about how she wasn't his child. The worst nights would be when he fought with her mother. Kohanae would always hide, fearing her father's wrath as he quarreled with Annette. She'd curl up in the corner, covering her ears with the tears streaming down her face. One day, he finally snapped. Kohanae watched in horror as her father beat her mother, his fists hammering her until she was rendered unconscious, tumbling to the floor.
“Mother, ... mother, please! Get up!”
“Kohanae... come here. I won't hurt you, Kohanae.”

His lips were twisted into a terrible smile, his hand outstretched towards her. She was frozen, her eyes locked upon her father's in fear. Finally, she took a step towards him, then another, the distance between them seemed to be a thousand miles. When she was close to him, he let out a laugh, a terrible laugh that seemed to shatter the silence of the night. His first blow seemed almost subtle, knocking her off her feet and sending her to the floor. The taste of blood was obvious as she quivered, afraid to meet his next hit.

“Stand, Kohanae! Stand! You must be stronger than that! You are the child of Kassius Blackbriar!”

He laughed manically, staggering towards her. She wiped the blood from her lips and stood, trying to quiet her fear. He struck her again and again, his blows leaving marks on her body and nearly breaking her bones. Kassius left Kohanae in the same state he left her mother, unconscious. As the world around her faded to black, all she remembered was the sound her father's laughter, echoing in her mind like the laughter of a demon.
The years continued to go by, but things refused to change. When Kohanae came of age, she was immediately bestowed with the household chores and all the work. Her mother never birthed again; for Kohanae was doomed to be an only child. Kassius refused to change, as well. Gambling away what remained of Annette’s family heirlooms, the family soon ran out of money. Upon returning home empty handed, he chose to take his anger out on Kohanae or her mother. After years of beatings, her body had accumulated scars almost everywhere. There wasn't a spot on her that hadn't been bruised or beaten; Kassius made sure of that. Over the years, Kohanae's mind remained on what her father said the first time he attacked her.

You must be stronger than that! YOU MUST BE STRONGER!

The words haunted her in her sleep, poisoning her mind and scarring her heart. She became a sort of backwards girl, rarely speaking and extremely shy. As soon as she was able to go to school, she immediately began training in stamina and medicinal herbs, telling herself that one day, she'd win. One day, she'd outsmart him and show him how strong she really was. By the time she was the age of thirteen, she was so quick, so elegant, that not a single soul could catch her. Like a whisper on the wind, she moved so fast. Those who were not fast enough to catch a glimpse of the girl often told others that she was not human, but part of the earth and the wind itself. She liked it better that way, having herself seem more like a legend and hiding the real her...

Then, the day finally arrived. Kohanae Blackbriar turned eighteen. She had awoken the same way she always did, with the sun peeping into the cracks of the attic to strike her fair cheek. However, there was a strange feel to the air, almost tangible she thought to herself. The day passed rather quickly, and Kohane returned home to find no one there. When she turned the corner into the kitchen, she found her father at the table, drunk once again. Kassius heard the sound of her footsteps, and raised his head to look at her as she entered the room. His hazy eyes skimmed over her, a scowl quickly crossing his face. Kohanae backed away almost immediately, fear washing over her as it had done so many times before.

“Kohanae... don't think I have forgotten. Let me give you a gift.”

He rose slowly, moving towards her. She backed out of the room, nearing the front door. She hated the thought of making a bolt for it, but the thought of another beating… today... pained her terribly. While her mind whirled around her, his fist shot out to struck her. She jumped backwards, hoping to bypass the door frame and make it outside. However, she misjudged the distance in her haste, and her father managed to slip past her, slamming the door to a close. The shock of the impact of her body and the door left her head spinning, and she shook it violently in attempt to clear it. A voice inside her was screaming to look out and beware, to move and escape, but her enhanced speed and stamina were of no use to her if she was unable to think properly.

She cried out as Kassius's fist met the bones of her ribcage. Gasping for breath, she willed herself not to plead for mercy. Again and again, she could barely discern between the punches now. All she could feel was the pain, and the blood in her mouth which she attempted to spit somewhere, so as not to choke. Her left eye was swollen shut, but it didn't matter now. Everything was beginning to go black, and somewhere deep inside of her, she looked forward to it. She found comfort within being unconscious, so far away from the horrors of humanity and lost within the darkness. At last, a final, solid punch to the skull granted her wish, and left her falling to the floor, completely gone.
“Kohanae...Kohane, wake up! Please, oh please...”

Who was calling her name? The voice resounded in her mind, the words falling like drops of water into a clear, crystal pool. She willed her eyes open, but her body refused to respond at first. Trying harder, her eyes finally opened to the harshness of daylight. They roamed around the room softly, taking in the details the best she could. Her head hurt badly, limiting her ability to think. She realized she must be in the hospital, because there was no other way a room could be completely white like this. The bed she was in was soft, and for that she was quite grateful.

“Hello, Kohanae.” came a soft, warm voice from the foot of the bed. Her eyes focused on the young man before her, which she hadn't noticed before. She tried to speak, but he quieted her. “Shh, don't try to speak. You're too weak. I’m the head alchemist here, Aidou. I've been watching you for three weeks now.” 3 weeks? The words stung her, and left her in shock. Her face must've said how she was feeling, because the doctor's almond brown eyes studied her carefully. “Yes, that's right. You've been in a state of unconsciousness for three weeks now. You had quite the bump on your head, which, to be honest, wasn't a bump at all. Your skull was fractured by--” he stopped for a moment, reading over the parchment he had in his hand. “--your father? Kassius Blackbriar?.. You had many broken ribs, too. They nearly punctured your lungs. Your scars, I healed those also”

The words took a little while to sink in, as her mind slowly became clearer and able to think more radically. Her mind raced with possible scenarios and outcomes as the doctor continued. “You almost didn't survive, Kohanae. Your body was terribly damaged. We don't know how it happened.. but you had quite a few minor scars, and a few not so minor ones. They were open wounds, but they healed faster than normal. You seem to be okay now, though...” his voice trailed off as he moved to her side, brushing a few strands of hair from her bright emerald eyes. “However, I think we'll keep you for a few more weeks, just to be safe. I can even teach you my healing magic.” His lips turned upwards into a slight smile, which comforted her. The next several months into her recovery did she not only heal herself through the adopted healing magick Aidou taught her- but she excelled at it. Even teaching her to walk again was made easier by her keen eye as an alchemist that Aidou had heard about from her old herbalist teacher- which he pegged as to why she wanted to learn to heal.

Kohane remained in the alchemist’s care for the next few days, quite a few things running through her mind as her strength returned. On the last day, Aidou returned to give Kohanae the bad news. “Kohanae...” he murmured, as he watched her sitting by the window, finally able to get out of bed. “…This is your last day here, and after tonight you're free to go. But... there's something I haven't told you yet.” Her cool emerald eyes met his warm brown ones, and she saw his concern. “What is it, Aidou?...” she asked quietly, suddenly timid before him. “Your parents.. your father, Kassius, he killed your mother and then he killed himself. Their bodies were found a few hours after yours was. I'm sorry, but we decided not to tell you until you were better.” He said, turning from her as pity shifted in his stance. She simply sat there, stunned.

That night, Kohane hardly slept at all. She wasn't sure if she should feel happy to finally be free, or to mourn the loss of her parents. Sometime during the night she decided she would never return to the place she called home. The memories there were too strong, and that was a part of her she didn't want to see, ever again. Tomorrow, tomorrow I will start anew. She thought to herself, and for the first time in her life, she felt a small quiver of hope inside her broken heart.

She remembered her long, flowing crimson ringlets, her deep green eyes, and her perfect white skin. Leaving the alchemy school to travel the lands to reach a higher training. She remembered how the men used to drag their jaws whenever she walked into a room to give them their treatments. But that was a long time ago. She had lost track of time during the war, and after a while, time simply lost meaning. She was in the darkness now.
It had all ended that one night. Her alchemist team was gone, dead left in the attack. And she envied them. She had been on the battlefield, mourning the lives... it was too painful to remember.
There was an explosion.
The area shook violently, debris falling on her head, but the ground held. She could hear screams echoing down the hallways of the guild hall she was working in, and yells pursuing them.
A stab of fear and panic brought a jolt of electricity down her arm, racing between her twisted fingers and connecting to the ground. Another blast, she heard footfalls and bloodthirsty cries in the areas outside. Oh, God! She thought. It’s true! The attack!
She heard the voices die down, then rise again. They were checking the village. Who knew what they were going to do if they found him? Their weapons grated against the floors, and she could almost smell the corrupt, morbid stench of death on their no doubt bloody clothes.

Her breath came in erratic gasps as the heathens’ voices closed in, their rough barks in various drawls were those of hate and violence, and the occasional battle cry rallying in the other guild’s name. Her stomach churned with the fear of discovery and the anger boiling in her blood. She was sure they were right outside the door now, the walls resonated with blows from outside: they were trying to break it down!

She could see it now. The door bent and creaked as the men rammed something against it, and they screamed bloody murder as they realized there was a quarry to be had within.

“Little pig, little pig! LET US IN!!” One yelped in a grating, metallic voice. “Yer liddle fort won’t keep us out forever!” The battering foot crashed against the door again, causing splinters to fly at her face. She struggled to take a few steps back and hide, but there was nowhere to run. The only door was being assailed by the maniacal swordsmen crying out for blood. There was nothing she could do but crawl into one of the leaking rooms... and pray to anyone who would listen.

With a thunderous “CRACK! “ The door flew off its hinges, slamming into the far wall and shattering. The inevitability of her situation came down on her. They were very strong. And they wanted to kill her.

“Where are yooou?” One called in a horrible singsong voice. The others followed suit, murderous cat calls coming closer... “Little piggy! We just want to play-ee-ay!”
“Come on out, so we can play!”
A foot connected with a door that led to a dressing chamber.
“Don’cha wanna share somma yer tasty Blood? We’re soo HUNGRY!”
The next door fell. She bit back a scream, drawing her legs up to her chest.
“It’ll be quick, miss! Just one liddle swipe...”
They were at her. She saw their twisted shadows against the candled lights. She was silently crying, tears running down her cheeks and onto her knees. This was it. The leader raised his unnaturally thin leg, his horrible, tumorous face curving into a razor-toothed grin.
The door came down. She saw the six mens’ either frenzied or masked faces, and the whole world turned blindingly white. The last thing she saw was the leading swordsmen’s face go from a grin... to a terrible, terrible fear. She had, with her bare hands, killed him with her herb shears. She had snapped the blood flow from his body to his brain. She looked at herself covered in blood.

She thought she was dead. She knew she was dead. A cold, crushing blackness enveloped her, and disorientated images flickered though her hazy mind. The war. Death. The masks. Fear. Hate. Heartbreak. Was this Death? She didn’t see any tunnel or a bright light. No pearly gates or Saint Peter.

She pondered darkly for a moment that this might be Hell. It made sense there’d be no room in Heaven for her. She had killed many in her short life- but also saved many. The image of her own face in that bathroom mirror faded into her mind, sending her stomach for a nauseous loop and bringing tears to her closed eyes. Serves me right. She thought. Demon in life, demon in death. She imagined herself staggering in this horrid ether forever... her visage forever twisting worse and worse, herself growing more and more alone...

It was in the morning, she found the dead, and brought the ones on the brink of death back to life with the healing of her fingertips. The other wounded got herbal remedies. The other men stood around at the mass funeral. They all looked to her. They needed someone. How about the woman who went in head first, wiping out the enemy forces on nothing but pure devotion to her guild? No, not she. She would find a way to make right what she’d done. Kohanae had to travel, and she knew it. She had heard of a guild more powerful than any other, one for the lost souls…Or so they said. She decided that would be her next place. To work on…the lives she swore to Aidou that she would save. Until then she was no better than her father…


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