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Sigil Knight Structure Empty Sigil Knight Structure

Post by Yethorian Dravinas on Wed Dec 21, 2016 2:12 pm

The Sigil Knights do not really have a ranking system. They govern themselves and look out for one another. The 6 members each have unique abilities with each sigil.

1.) Fire Sigil- Inferno Sigil Knight
2.) Water Sigil- Tidal Sigil Knight
3.) Earth Sigil- Terra Sigil Knight
4.) Wind Sigil- Zephyr Sigil Knight
5.) Light Sigil- Lawbringer Sigil Knight
6.) Dark Sigil- Chaos Sigil Knight

Each Sigil Knight has the power of their sigil and a companion along with it. They also have the memories and abilities of the Knights before them. Each Sigil knight has 3 sigil abilities that are either offensive or defensive and they will learn that when they are bestowed with the sigil. Sigil Knights are not able to use the power of another sigil and each sigil also has a limit break which allows the Knight to tap into its true power for a few moments. This will also be explained when there are Sigil Knights. Sigil knights also have the ability to rune forge as well as call upon the weapon of their sigils.
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